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How many of us have gotten to a meeting after it started, or tried to go to a meeting that just wasn't there?  Disappointing? Upsetting?

Is this the message that we want to carry to the newcomer?  What if that was to have been his or her first Meeting?
Our lists can only be as accurate as the information given to us.
You can help by seeing to it that someone from your group returns the update forms that have been mailed to all the groups.
If you haven't seen these forms, or no one knows what happened to them, additional copies, that you can print and mail back, may be found here.

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When completed, simply mail or email the form to QIAA
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OUTDATED (2015) Queens Group Updates

  • POSTED JUNE 4th. -  CITY LINE GROUP. - (Ozone Park - page 19)  This Group has moved to St. Matthew's Lutheren Church,
    119-15 135th. Avenue,  Ozone Park 11420, (two other Groups also meet there). They offer a Beginners Meeting on Saturdays at 9:30 AM.

  • POSTED JUNE 10th.  -  "FRONT RUNNERS". - (Astoria - page 9)  The Wednesday 7:30 Closed Discussion Meeting continues,
    although the Monday and Friday Meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

  • POSTED JUNE 13th.  -  ROCKAWAY MEN'S GROUP. - (page 23)  They wish to be known as The "Roxbury" Men's Group.

  • POSTED JULY 10th.  -  "A NEW FREEDOM". - This is a new Group in Woodside.  They Meet on Wednesday at 7 AM.
    with an Open Big Book Meeting.  At the St. Teresa's Parish Center, 50-20 45th. Street, Woodside, 11377.  Enter through the courtyard
    from either 44th. or 45th. Street.

  • POSTED JULY 26th.  -  "TODAY". - (Richmond Hill - page 21)  They are now Meeting across the street in Jamaica Hospital.
    Main entrance - first floor dining room on your left - accessed through the Cafeteria.  8900 Van Wyck Expressway, Jamaica 11418
    Sunday 7:00 P.M. Open (3 speaker). Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. is a Closed Meeting.

  • POSTED AUGUST 4th.  -  "YOUNG AT HEART". - (Astoria - page 10)  Their Thursday Meeting is now an Open Meeting (was Closed)
    also it starts 1 hour earlier at 8:00 P.M.

  • BILL W. GROUP. - (Ozone Park - page 18)  Their Friday Closed Meeting starts at 7:00 P.M. (not 8 PM).

  • "WOODSIDE 62nd. SHOW UP FOR LIFE" - (page 27)  We've provided more detail for their Monday through Friday 1:00 P.M. Meetings.

  • POSTED AUGUST 19th.  -  BROADWAY-STEINWAY. - (Astoria - page 9).  This Group has moved to: San Pablo United Methodist Church,
    14-54 31st Road,  Zip 11106.  The new location has a Wheelchair lift.   The Sunday Meetings have been moved to Monday but the times
    remain the same, although the types of Meetings have been modifrd as follows:
               6:30 pm -- Step Meeting (Last Monday is a Traditions Meeting)
               8:00 pm -- Closed Meeting (Last Monday is a Topic Meeting)
              6:30 pm -- Beginners Meeting
              8:00 pm -- Open Meeting (Last Wednesday is Anniversary Meeting)

  • POSTED AUGUST 28th.  -  THE LIGHTHOUSE GROUP. - (Rego Park - page 20).  No Meetings until further notice.
    See November 5th. below.

  • THE ASTORIA GROUP. - (page 9). Effective September 4th. will have moved to: VFW Post 2348, 31-35 41st. Street (Astoria 11103).
    Meeting days and times remain the same.

  • POSTED SEPTEMBER 3rd.  -  THE ASTORIA HEIGHTS GROUP. - (page 9),  has moved to:
    VFW Post 2348, 31-35 41st. Street (Astoria 11103).  Meeting day and time remains the same.

  • THE "GIFT OF DESPERATION" GROUP. - (Astoria - page 9),  has moved to:
    VFW Post 2348, 31-35 41st. Street (Astoria 11103).  Meeting day and time remains the same.

  • THE "YOUNG AT HEART" GROUP. - (Astoria - page 10).  No Meetings until further notice.

  • THE BOOTH GROUP AT ST. ANN'S. - (Flushing - page 13), is no longer meeting.

  • HOWARD BEACH "YOU GOTTA WANNA". - (page 15).  Has moved to:  The Assembly of God,  158-31 99th. Street,
    Howard Beach, 11427.  Meeting day and time remains the same.

  • FOREST HILLS LIBERTY (ll). - (page 14).  The Tuesday 7 PM Closed Topic Meeting does not become a Step Meeting
    on the First (or any) Tuesday.
  • POSTED SEPTEMBER 17th.  -  "A VISION FOR YOU II". - (Woodside - page 28).  We had this Group listed without the II (2) -
    the listing is otherwise correct.

  • POSTED SEPTEMBER 23rd.  -  "ROCKAWAY SURVIVORS". - (page 23).  The Saturday 6:00 and 7:30 Meetings have been
    replaced with a Step Meeting at 8:00 P.M.  The Midnight Meeting has not been affected.

  • POSTED NOVEMBER 2nd.  -  THE "BRING YOUR OWN COFFEE" GROUP. - (Astoria - page 9), is no longer meeting.

  • POSTED NOVEMBER 5th.  -  THE LIGHTHOUSE GROUP- (Rego Park - page 20).  Effective November 8th. They will be
    Meeting in Middle Village (Zip 11379) at St. Margaret's R.C. Church  (cafeteria),  66-10 79th. Place,  Entrance on 80th. Street.
    The have two Meetings on Sunday Morning at 9:30 AM, a Beginners and an Open Discussion.
    There are also two Meetings on Thursday at 7:30 PM a Beginners and a Big Book.  Note: There will be no Meeting on Thursday,
    November 19th.  They have provided a flyer, for you.

  • POSTED NOVEMBER 11th.  -  "DUMPING GROUND NITES" - (Bellerose - page 11)  The Thursday (7:15) Meeting
    has been changed to an Open Meeting.  Anniversaries will now be on the Third Tuesday @ 7:15 when the Step Meeting
    will become an Open Meeting.

  • POSTED NOVEMBER 18th.  -  "CHURCH ON THE HILL" - (Flushing - page 13)  The Saturday 8:15 Closed Meeting
    has been discontinued.

  • "KEYNOTE" - (Whitestone - page 26)  The correct address is: Grace Episcopalian Church, 14-15 Clintonville Street.
    Access is through the front basement enterance located at the North end of Clintonville Street by 12th. Avenue.
    Please note: There is no parking on the premises, or in the shopping center across the street.  Cars have been towed away
  • POSTED DECEMBER 4th.  -  "WESTERN QUEENS GROUP" - (Woodside - page 27)  They have changed their name to:
    "Western Queens Agnostics".  They ask that there be "No closing prayers".

  • POSTED JANUARY 7th.  -  The "GIVE IT A TRY" Group (Cambria Heights) is a new listing for Queens.  They Meet at the
    Cambria Heights Community Center,  116-02 220th Street, 11411.  Monday is a Step Meeting at 7:15 P.M.
    (Traditions on the First Monday).  Thursday is a Beginners at 7:15 P.M. with an Open / Anniversaries Meeting on Last Thursday
  • "THE TRADITIONS" has moved from St. Albans (page 25) to South Jamaica:  St. James The Less Episcopal Church,
    107-61 166th Street (11433).  Basement - side entrance.  Meeting Day an time remains as Wednesday at 6:30.

  • The "NEW PAIR OF GLASSES Group" (Astoria - page 10)) does not have a Traditions Meeting.  The Last Tuesday
    is a Step Meeting.

  • The Astoria "FRONT RUNNERS" Group (page 9) has changed their Meeting format to an Open Speaker Meeting.
    Same day and time: Wednesdays at 7:30.

  • POSTED JANUARY 12th.  -  in Flushing (page 14), the "SANFORD" Saturday Big Book Meeting is now a Daytime Meeting
    that starts at 12:15. This Meeting is handicapped accessible although their other (Thursday) Meeting is not.
    Also, the footnotes for this Meeting, in our Meeting Book, do not apply.
  • POSTED FEBRUARY 3rd.  -  "SUNRISE BEGINNERS" (Rosedale - page 24) has added a Meeting on Thursday at 7:15 P.M.
    The schedule is as follows: First Thursday is a Step,  Second - "Traditions",  Third - a medition meeting,  Forth - Open Discussion,
    if there is a Fifth Thursday in the Month, it will be a personel story from the Big Book.
  • "DELIVERANCE" (Whitestone - page 26) no longer meets on Sunday, and there is no 7:30 Meeting on Thursday.
    Friday's 7:30 Meeting is now a Closed Topic.  
    See April 8th

  • POSTED FEBRUARY 11th.  - The REGO PARK (page - 20) Group had closed.  Their last Meeting at the old location
    was on Sunday, February 21st.
    See March 24th

  • POSTED March 3rd.  - ST. MEL’S (Flushing - page 14) will be changing its Monday night 7:30PM BIig Book meeting to 6:00PM
    starting Monday APRIL 4th.  As of this date there will be a Big Book meeting at 6PM followed by a Beginners meeting at 7:30PM.
    They have provided a flyer with more information.

  • POSTED March 24th. - REGO PARK (page - 20) has resumed their Sunday 9:45 AM Meeting at a different location. 
    Northwell Health (formerly North Shore / L.I.J.) 102-01 66th. Road.  Ask at the Front Desk for directions to the meeting room. 
    This is a Closed Meeting with Anniversaries Last Sunday.

  • The "IN GOD'S HANDS" Group (Jamaica North - page 16) has changed their Monday Closed Meeting to a Step Meeting.

  • The "FLUSHING UNITY STEP" (page 12).  Sunday 7:00 PM Beginners Meeting becomes a Open Meeting for Anniversaries
    on the Last Sunday.

  • POSTED April 4th. - WHITESTONE (page 26 ) has moved their Saturday 9:00 Step Meeting to Tuesday at 7:30,
    where it is now alternating with the Big Book Meeting.

  • POSTED April 5th. - "VAN WYCK - KEW GARDENS" (Richmond Hill - page 21) would like to be known simply as "VAN WYCK".  
    They continue to offer a Closed Meeting on Tuesday at 7:00

  • POSTED April 8th. - The FAR ROCKAWAY Group has been gone for awhile

  • "SOBER HOLIDAY" (St. Albans) has added an Open Discussion Meeting on Friday at 6:15 P.M.

  • "WAY OF LIFE" (Jackson Heights) now offers various types of (Gay - all welcome) Meetings on Thursday at 7:00 PM.
    They are as follows: on the First Thursday is a Beginners, the Second is a Step, the Third is "Living Sober",
    and a "Traditions" on the Fourth.  Anniversaries are on the Last Thursday.

  • "IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT" (Long Island City) is no longer Meeting.

  • "DELIVERANCE" (Whitestone) has Cancelled the Thursday Meeting.  Fridays Closed Topic at 7:30 continues.

  • "NEVER TOO YOUNG" (Astoria) the Saturday 7PM Meeting is an Open (not Open Discussion).

  • "L.I.C. GOT DRY" (Long Island City) offers a Step Meeting on the First Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

  • "MORNING MEDICINE" (Astoria).  We can now provide their street address: 21-47 29th. Street.
    Please note: enter through the parking lot not the gym.

  • BAYSIDE PRIMARY PURPOSE has changed their Monday Meeting from 8PM to 7PM
    Added information: There is no Step Meeting, and a better location of the Church has been provided.

  • SOUTH OZONE PARK now has a Candelight Meeting on the Fourth Wednesday at 8PM.

  • POSTED April 18th. - New Group. SUNDAY 103 (Jackson Heights).  St. Mark's Church, 33-50 82nd. Street.
    Sunday is a Big Book that runs from 9:30 to 10:45. Monday and Friday are Closed Meetings at 7:00 PM.

  • POSTED April 20th. - The "GIVE IT A TRY" Group has moved to a new address in Cambria Heights.
    It is:  Deliverance Baptist Church, 227-11 Linden Boulevard.

    In the Rockaways both the "11th. STEP MEDITATION" Group and "CAME TO BELIEVE"
    are no longer meeting.

  • POSTED April 26th. - New listing.  "PETALS OF LOVE & SERVICE" is a Womens Group that Meets in Lefrak City (Elmhurst).
    This is a Closed Discussion on Wednesdays at 6:00 P.M.

  • POSTED April 26th."HERE'S HOW" (Elmhurst) has added an Open Meeting on Sunday at 7:45
    It's described as "Sundat Night Solution" and references the Big Book.

  • CAMBRIA HEIGHTS Saturday Open Meeting is a Beginners on the First Saturday.

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