Updates to your OUTDATED May 2016 Queens Intergroup Meeting Book

As of May 6th. 2017
Temporary - The "ELMONT - BELMONT GIVE IT A TRY" Group has moved to a new address in
Cambria Heights.  It is:  Deliverance Baptist Church, 227-11 Linden Boulevard
Note:  This (former Nassau County) Group is not listed in your Queens Meeting Book.
They are listed on the Queens Intergroup Website in Cambria Heights.
Astoria - Page 9
"FRONT RUNNERS"   "is no longer an LGBT Special Interest meeting."
Their 7:30 Wednesday Meeting remains as an Open Meeting (not Closed Discussion)
Bayside - Page 11
BAYSIDE HILLS now has a "Traditions" Meeting on the second Monday with Anniversaries on
the last Monday.  If there are no Anniversaries then the last Monday becomes a Big Book Meeting
"BAYSIDE PRIMARY PURPOSE" the correct address is: 215-35 39th. Avenue (not 40th. Avenue)
"NORTH QUEENS" does not have a second (8:15) Meeting on Sunday after the Open 7 PM.
Meetings listed as 8:00 (PM) should read: 8:15.  The Beginners Meeting and the Big Book
are at 7:00 The alternating Closed/Step (literature) Meetings are at 8:15
Bellerose - Page 11
"BELLEROSE HOPE" Starting on June 4th. the Sunday Open Meeting will begin 1 hour earlier at 7:00 P.M.
Your 2017 Meeting Book will show the new (7PM) time.
College Point - Page 12
"COLLEGE POINT MALBA" has moved to Whitestone due to construction at their normal meeting place.
Now located at: Holy Trinity Church, 14-51 143rd. Street, Whitestone. There is no Step Meeting on Monday,
and Thursday's Open Meeting is at 7:30 not 7:00.  Meetings are in the Community Room next to the Chapel.
Elmhurst - Page 12
"ELM HEIGHTS"   The Wednesday 8:30 BB Meeting is listed in error.  This Meeting is correctly
listed two lines down under the ELMHURST BIG BOOK GROUP.

The ELMHURST Group's Traditions Meeting is on the first Tuesday (not the last).

"HERE'S HOW" The Sunday 7:45 Open Meeting has been cancelled
"PETALS OF LOVE AND SERVICE" (Lefrak City, Elmhurst) is no longer meeting
Flushing - Page 14
"H.O.W.".  Will be moving to a different address effective January 5th.
They will then be Meeting at: The North Presbyterian Church of Flushing,  25-33 154th. Street.
Flushing, NY 11354.  Thursdays at 11:00 A.M.
"NEW SHADES" (Flushing) has moved to the Bayside Methodist Church, 38-20 Bell Boulevard,
(entrance on 213th. Street) Meeting Day - Monday & Time - 11:00 A.M. remain the same.
THE SANFORD GROUP has moved. Their first Meeting at their new location will be Thursday January 5th.
New address:  Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, 44-16 192nd Street,  Flushing 11358
Meeting days, times, types and limited handicapped accessibility all remain the same.
"SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS" ("This thing of ours") would like it noted that the entrance
is through the front door - then downstairs to the basement.
Forest Hills - Pages 14 & 15
"STEPS TO SOBRIETY" has a Traditions Meeting on the Third (not last) Wednesday.
Anniversaries (Open) are on the Last Wednesday as needed.
Glen Oaks - Page 15
The GLEN OAKS Group is no longer Meeting.
Glendale - Page 15
GLENDALE. Starting in April their Wednesday  Open Discussion Meeting will be moved to Friday
(anniversaries on the last Friday).  Both the Tuesday and Friday Meetings
will be starting 1/2 hour eariler at 7:30.
Jackson Heights - Page 16
The "JUST ARRIVED" Group is no longer Meeting.
The "SOBER SATURDAY'S" Group will not meet on Holiday weekends as their meeting place
will now be closing on Holiday weekends.
"SUNDAY 103" the Sunday meeting is a Day Meeting - 9:30 A.M.
Jamaica - North - Page 16
"IN GOD'S HANDS". The correct address is: 86-45 Edgerton Boulevard not 178th St.
This is 1 1/2 blocks North of Hillside Avenue, just past Wexford Terrace.
Also, their Meeting is a Closed Discussion not a Step.
Jamaica - South - Page 17
"NEW SPIRIT" has provided you additional address information and directions.
Kew Gardens - Page 17
New Group. The "MEDITATION GROUP" meets on Thursdays at 6:15.  Located in
the Church of the Resurrection - 85-09 118th Street, 11415   Street level.
Middle Village - Page 18
"SOBER  FEELINGS"  has eliminated the format that had been seen in their Web listing
for the Monday Closed Meeting at 7:30
The LIGHTHOUSE GROUP will discontinue the Thursday 7:30 Big Book Meeting in January,
the Beginners will not be affected.
Ozone Park & South Ozone Park - Pages 19 & 20
"CEDAR MANOR" has moved to St. Albans. New Meeting time and Day.
Open Meeting on Friday at 8PM at the: I Can Club 110-54 Farmers Boulevard
"CITY LINE" has moved to Woodhaven.  The Emanuel Church,93-12 91st. Avenue
at Woodhaven Boulevard, Enter - Rear 91st. Avenue.  Their Meeting remains the same:
Beginners on Saturday at 9:30 A.M.
"STICK WITH THE WINNERS" has added a Beginners Meeting on Wednesdays at 7:30
Queens Village - Page 20
QUEENS VILLAGE   We have improved upon the way we listed their Friday 6:30 Meetings.
Rego Park - Page 20

REGO PARK.  The corrected address should be 66th. Avenue (not Road).  Also the Group would
like you to note that there is "limited seating" at this Meeting.

"SURVIVORS" on Woodhaven Boulevard,
effective April 1st. the Saturday 10PM Meeting will start at 9PM and end at 10:15PM.
Ridgewood - Page 21
"GLENRIDGE".  Tuesdays 8:00 P.M. Traditions Meeting is on the last Tuesday (not the fourth).
New Group - "SOBRIETY IN RIDGEWOOD" offers a Beginners Meeting on Sundays at 10:00 A.M.
Located at: The Greater Ridgewood Youth Center, 59-03 Summerfield Street, Ridgewood, 11385
They have asked for your Support  and provided a Flyer.
Rockaways - Pages 22 & 23
Please Note new format:  The "LIVING SOBER GROUP OF ROCKAWAY" now reads from the
"Living Sober" book at their Beginners Meeting on Wednesdays at 7:30.
"PAVILLION"   Effective April 1st their Meetings will start 1 hour earlier - at 7:00 PM
Rosedale - Page 24
"JOY OF LIVING IN ROSEDALE AT NOON" is no longer Meeting
St. Albans - Page 24
"LINDEN ST. ALBANS" meets in the 1st. Floor Conference Room (not the second floor Dining Room).
Whitestone - Page 26
"DELIVERANCE" Does not meet on Friday, their Meeting is on Thursdays - a Big Book at 6:00 P.M.
WHITESTONE.  The Saturday 10:30 Candelight Meeting has been cancelled  Also, They have
Handicapped Accessibility for three of their Meetings that are held upstairs, see
their listing for the details
Woodside - Page 27
The "A NEW FREEDOM" Group is no longer meeting.
"CEAD MILE FAILTE". The Thursday Beginners Meeting now starts one hour earlier at 7:00 P.M.
WESTERN QUEENS AGNOSTICS is now starting their Saturday Closed Meeting
one hour earlier - at 11:30 A.M.
"WOODSIDE KEEP IT GREEN @ 43rd. Avenue". Their Meeting ( a Closed on Saturday - 11:30 AM)
is an Open Meeting on the Last Saturday.
This update will also apply to your new 2017 Meeting book that will be available soon.