Updates to your OUTDATED May 2017 Queens Intergroup Meeting Book

As of May 26th. 2018
Scroll down to where you will find them listed by Town & page number(s)

RICH HAVEN SPLINTER is not Meeting from now until they resume Meetings on Sunday, June 17th.
Renovations are being done to the Church where they Meet.

The "WOMEN OF COURAGE" Group's Meetings have been cancelled
This is due to the loss of their Meeting space. It is expected that they will find another location very shortly.
See the updates below for the new location of the "Queens Gratitude" and South Ozone Park Groups.

At the Church In The Gardens (Forest Hills) these three Groups:
will not have meetings on the folowing five (and only these five) days:
Wednesday, November 1st. through and including Sunday, November 5th.

COLLEGE POINT - MALBA (Whitestone) with an Open Meeting on Thursdays at 7:30 will not meet on Thanksgiving.
COLLEGE POINT - MALBA (Whitestone) will not Meet on December 25th.
COLLEGE POINT - MALBA (Whitestone) will not Meet on March 29th.

DELIVERANCE (Whitestone) with an Big Book Meeting on Thursdays at 6:00 will not meet on Thanksgiving.
DELIVERANCE (Whitestone) will not meet on March 29th.

FLUSHING H.O.W". - (Thursdays 11:00 A.M.) will not meet on Thanksgiving.

The "LIGHTHOUSE GROUP" in Middle Village (Thursday - Beginners 7:30) will not meet on Thanksgiving

The "SAFE HARBOR" Group In Jamaica (North) will not meet on Thanksgiving
(Closed - 7:15 & Big Book - 8:30).
Please see the "Jamaica North" listings below for more information about this Group.

Flushing "SANFORD" (Thursdays - Beginners 7:00) will not meet on Thanksgiving

The SOUTH OZONE PARK GROUP, now located in Richmond Hill,
will not be meeting Sunday, Dec 3rd, (Beginners/Open Mtgs) due to a Church event.

"NEW SHADES" (BaysIde) will not Meet on December 25th, or January 1st. - New Years Day.
"NEW LIFE" (Middle Village) will not have the 10:30 AM Meeting on December 25th.,
there will be a 7:30 PM Meetng.

WHITESTONE will not Meet on December 24th. but will Meet on December 31st. - New Years Eve.

"SINGLENESS OF PURPOSE" (Whitestone) - Meetings: Open @ 7:30 & Closed @ 9:00,
not Meet on Friday, March 30th.

The "LIGHTHOUSE GROUP" and "NEW LIFE" in Middle Village will not Meet tonight -
Thursday, January 4th. 2017 - due to the weather.

Snow cancellations , Wednesday, March 21st.
SOUTH JAMAICA - 8:00 Open Discussion, St. Benedict The Moor Church, 171-17 110th Avenue
"STEPS TO SOBRIETY" (Forest Hills) - 8:30 Step Meeting, Church in the Gardens, 99-50 Ascan Avenue

Astoria - Pages 9 & 10
"ASTORIA WORKSHOP" no longer meets on Wednesdays, only on Sundays.
"FRONT RUNNERS" has been renamed, now known as: "Acceptance Is The Answer".
"GIFT OF DESPERATION" is now an Open big book personal stories meeting
with anniversaries on the 4th Thursday.
Bayside & Oakland Gardens - Pages 10 & 11
THE BAYSIDE GROUP, has cancelled the Wednesday Beginners (8:30) Meeting.
Also, there will be no Meetings  on Monday, November 20th., closed for the day.
College Point - Page 12
"FROM THE ASHES" has cancelled the Sunday Beginners Meeting.
The Wednesday Closed
at 7:30 will be a Step Meeting on the First Wednesdays of every Month.
Elmhurst - Pages 12 & 13
THE ELMHURST GROUP, that Meets at The Italian Charities, 83-20 Queens Boulevard, now has one
Meeting on both Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30.  A Beginners on Tuesday and an Open on Thursday.
Flushing - Pages 13 & 14
"CHURCH ON THE HILL" (Flushing) is starting the Saturday Step Meeting one hour earlier -
was 7PM, is now 6PM.  This is will be followed by a New Closed Candelight Meeting at 7:15 PM.
The "H.O.W." Group in Flushing would like you to note that to get to the Meeting in the basement
you must use two side doors.
We corrected the address (and spelling) for "MOVIN ON" (Flushing), Friday Beginners.
At : The Dutch Reformed Church  (Main Hall) 167th. Street & 35th. Avenue
"MOVIN ON" is correct - no "G", also not in the Main Hall.  167-07 35th Avenue.
Flushing "SANFORD" is not Handicapped Accessible
Forest Hills - Pages 14 & 15
The FOREST HILLS GROUP - The correct address is: 99-50 Ascan Avenue, in the Music Room.
Jackson Heights - Pages 15 & 16
JACKSON HEIGHTS. The Saturday Open Meeting is now a Beginners with a start time of 7:15
"SUNDAY 103". Their two evening Meetings (Monday and Friday) will now start 15 minutes earlier at 6:45 (was 7:00)
Jamaica North - Page 16
 "JAMAICA PRESENTATION" has had to discontinue their Meetings until further notice.
There is a problem at their location
.  Meetings have resumed (Posted January 26th.)
"JAMAICA PRESENTATION" Has added a New Meeting on Tuesday at 6:00 P.M. It is a Beginners with an
emphasis on the Big Book.  The Tuesday 7:30 is a Topic Meeting on Last Tuesday.
Anniversaries are celebrated on the Last Saturday.
This Group is not Handicapped Accessible.
The "SAFE HARBOR" Group is no longer Meeting.
Long Island City - New Group, not in the book
"A NEW FREEDOM"  Saturday 8:30 A.M., a Closed Meeting.
Located at:  The Plaxall Gallery, 5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City
(Enter through parking lot entrance; located in warehouse at LIC Flea and Food Market; next to Workout Factory)
Maspeth - Pages 18
"JUST FOR TODAY (TRANSFIGURATION)" will not meet on Thursday, October 12th,
due to an event in the church, this is for one day only.
"JUST FOR TODAY" (Maspeth) is temporarily Meeting at the Tranfiguration address due to renovations
at their location.  Follow the link for the address, and see their flyer.  Returned to their usual location.
"NEW BEGINNINGS" is no longer Meeting. 
New Group, not in the book.  "WOMEN IN RECOVERY" will begin Meeting on Wednesday,
December 6th. at 7:00 in Maspeth, a Closed Meeting at the St. Stanislaus Church Rectory (basement)
57-15 61st. Street, see their flyer.
Middle Village - New Group, not in the book
"PRIMARY PURPOSE GROUP".  A Beginners Meeting on Tuesdays at 7:30.
The Community United Methodist Church,  75-27 Metropolitan Avenue.
Ozone Park - Pages 18 & 19
"QUEENS GRATITUDE" has moved. 88-08 Liberty Avenue,
returned to Ozone Park. Now at:  Grace Ministries,  95-16 101st. Avenue
The SOUTH OZONE PARK GROUP has resumed Meetings at:
St. John's Lutheren Church, 86-20 114th St, Richmond Hill 11418.
  See Richmond Hill below
New Group, not in the Book
Meeting at: God's House Of Healing And Restoration, 104-13 101st. Avenue,
Fridays at 6:00 P.M.
First Friday is a Step Meeting, Second a Big Book, Third a Traditions, Fourth a Topic,
Fifth a Closed or Anniversaries as needed.
"STICK WITH THE WINNERS" (Ozone Park) will start their Sunday Step Meeting one hour later -
at 10:00 A.M. This change will take effect on
April 1st.  
Queens Village - New Group, not in the book
"KEEP IT SIMPLE".   A Beginners Meeting on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM.
At: 96-09 Springfield Boulevard
and Jamaica Avenue.
Building houses The Grace Tabernacle Church - across from the L.I.R.R.
Queens Village Station.
Handicapped accessible.
Rego Park - Page 20
REGO PARK.  The notation about "limited seating" has been removed from their listing.
Sunday - Closed Meeting at 9:30 AM.
Richmond Hill - Page 20
The SOUTH OZONE PARK GROUP has resumed Meetings at:
St. John's Lutheren Church, 86-20 114th St, Richmond Hill 11418.
The Beginners has started on Sundays at 6:30 PM.  The 7:45 PM Sunday Meeting will resume on
August 6th.  A Wednesday 7:30 PM Closed Meeting will start on August 2nd.  Flyer has been provided.
Ridgewood - Page 21
The RIDGEWOOD GROUP has cancelled the Monday 8:00 PM Step Meeting,
the 6:45 Beginners is not affected.  Also note: the correct address is 68-59 (not 69-59).
Rosedale - Page 24
"SUNRISE BEGINNERS" (Rosedale) is no longer meeting.
St. Albans - Pages 24 & 25
The "HAND IN HAND WORKHOP".  We have made corrections to their listings.  Please follow the link.
New Goup, not in the book.  "THE JOURNEY BEGINS"   Meeting place: St. Albans The Martyr Church,
116-42 Farmers Boulevard, one block off Linden Boulevard.
Closed Meetings on Monday and Thursday at 5:30.  Runs until 6:45.
Woodhaven - New Group, not in the book
"SOBRIETY SISTERS"  Moved:  See Ozone Park above.
Woodside - Page 27
"WOODSIDE KEEP IT GREEN @ 43rd. Avenue". Their Meeting (a Closed on Saturday - 11:30 AM)
is an Open Meeting on the Last Saturday.