Queens Intergroup Of Alcoholics Anonymous
Frequently Asked Questions about your Shareathons
On this page we have provided information and answers to the questions that have often come up
about your Shareathons.
Should you have a question please use this link: shareathon@queensaa.org.
We will answer your questions without, in any way, identifying you

Your Group's Shareathon Guidelines

As always, A.A. has no rules, but Q.I.A.A.'s group conscience suggests:

1) All share-a-thon meetings are open meetings.
Meetings start on the hour and end punctually ten minutes before the hour.
Burning desire (last call) is at fifteen minutes before the hour.
Please try to keep speakers to this schedule.

2) You are responsible for making coffee, replenishing condiments
and providing one gallon of milk, or more if needed.

3) Seventh tradition is observed after the speaker's qualification.
When the basket is passed please do a "head count" of the room.
After the basket is passed please count the collection and put it in the marked envelope.
Be sure to write the head count and collection amount on the envelope.
Put all completed collection envelopes in the marked box at the front of the room!

4) Please try to keep the meeting room and all other areas as clean as possible!

5) There is no smoking anywhere in the building!

6) Contact person is listed on the sheet at the telephone desk.

7) Please. No collect telephone calls.

Suggested Shareathon Meeting format

"Welcome to the holiday share-a-thon hosted by Queens Intergroup.
The Group that meets here has agreed to expand their meetings to help us
provide this service during the holiday season"
(mention the current schedule of Share-A-Thon meetings, hourly, around the clock etc.).


"The format of the meeting is the speaker will share for about 10 minutes and go
to a show of hands. This meeting will end promptly at ten minutes before the hour.
We ask your cooperation in quickly exiting the room to keep us on schedule."


"We need your help in cleaning up after ourselves when the meeting is over.
Dump any liquids in the sink (in the small room in the back) before throwing out your cups.
There is no smoking anywhere in this building.
Please use the 'Butt Cans' when smoking outside beyond the fence."

"Thank you for helping us out."
"Have a good meeting and please don't make it your last!"

Your cooperation in this will help us keep these Shareathons alive!
Please help us to help others! Thank You.