Queens Intergroup Of Alcoholics Anonymous
The Lotteries are held at the same location, and a few weeks before the Shareathons.
If you would like to help your Group understand why and how the lotteries work,
read and print the information on this page

About the Lottery
Note that the term Group representative as used here refers to an individual representing their Group for the Shareathon lottery.
They need not be their Group's Intergroup Representative, but they can be as their Group sees fit.

When they arrive the Group representatives are asked to sign in.  This helps to assure that the service commitments are going to
the Queens Groups and not to outsiders or those having special interests.

Each Group rep is given half a numbered ticket with the other half being placed in a basket.

No record or notation of the numbers is made anywhere.  Only the ticket holder knows what number they have.

The timeslots available are then awarded (in order) by a drawing from these tickets

When the numbers are called the group may accept the commitment, which will then be so noted

if the holder of the ticket number called is representing a group that does not want, or cannot take, that slot, nothing needs to be
said.  Only that group representative knows that their group has declined to accept the time slot being offered

Tickets for which no time slot is awarded are put aside for a "second chance" drawing of the timeslots that have not been

Any slots that remain after the second drawing are then offered, on a volunteer basis, to the group representatives.  The
exemplary spirit of service, shown by the groups here in Queens over the years, assures that all timeslots are usually covered by
the end of the day. On occasion, a group will opt to pick up an additional or "extra" timeslot.

Group members may check their commitments on this page.

Other individuals looking to do service may wish to contact the groups that have been awarded commitments and are listed here.

Should you have any additional questions please go to the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Thanking you in advance,

Queens Intergroup