about qIAA

Queens Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization formed to serve all A.A. groups in Queens County whether they contribute to its support or not. In order to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the still suffering alcoholic and to those of us in recovery, Q.I.A.A. — in accordance with A.A.’s Twelve Traditions and Concepts of Service — has as its primary purpose:
  • Telephone inquiries are to be answered by a recovering alcoholic. The Q.I.A.A. number will be listed in the Queens telephone directory. Meeting information and 12 step referrals will be made from lists obtained from all Queens area groups and maintained up-to-date. It is the first priority of Q.I.A.A. to establish “live” 24 hour phone response, and to provide participating groups with an “overnight” book.
  • A program exchange meeting and Intergroup Delegates meeting will be held in Queens for each quarter at which groups may exchange meetings with other groups and participate in Q.I.A.A. affairs.
  • Publish and distribute up-to-date lists of group meetings in Queens at regular intervals. Arrange for receipt and distribution of information about A.A. group events, e.g., group anniversaries, dinners, conventions, in Queens County.
  • Establishment of appropriate committees under SENY guidelines including Institution & Treatment Facilities, Public Information, and Cooperation with Professional Community committees.
  • Publication of a periodic newsletter.

Queens Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous is supported by contributions from the groups. It conducts a monthly business meeting.

Yours in love and service,
Queens Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous


Office Telephone

718 520 5024

24 Hour Hotline

718 520 5021

In-Person Office Hours
(please call ahead)

Tuesday 9 AM to 1 PM
Thursday 7 PM to 9 PM
Saturday 1 PM to 5 PM


105-29A Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375
3 doors OFF Metropolitan Avenue
Behind Eddie’s Sweet Shop on 72nd Rd
(street level, wheelchair accessible)

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 754088
Forest Hills Station
NY 11375-9088

qiaa archives

Do you wish to learn about QIAA history?


Need Queens Meeting Books?

Printed meeting books are available at the office during office hours – please call ahead at (718) 520-5024┬áto schedule pickup. Meeting books are $5 for 25.

Volunteers are needed for assembly! Contact stephaniep@queensaa.org to volunteer.


Voting Members
Treasurer:Herbert M
(Kew Forest Splinter)
Secretary:Laurie S
(Forest Hills Workshops)
Service Committee Chairperson:Michael L
(Message on Metro)
Office Operations Committee Chair:Stephanie P
(A Day at a Time)
Institutions Literature Coordinator:Darren S
(Alley Pond Park)
Newsletter Committee Chairperson:Atif C
(Elm Heights)
Meeting Book Committee Chairperson:Audette P
(St. Albans)
Daytime Telephone Coordinator:Alex T
(Astoria Safe and Sober)
Overnight Telephone Coordinator:Bert L
(Sobriety First)
Website Committee Chairperson:Chelsea M
(A Day At A Time)
Intergroup / General Service Liaison:Gretchen W
(This is the 11am Meeting)
Special Events Coordinator:Emily M
(Broadway Steinway)
Non-Voting Members
Vice Chair:Eddie F
(Elm Heights)
Vice Treasurer:Martin Mc
(Whitestone Group)